Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pre-school shopping

As a rule shopping is about women who need more dresses and more skirts and hoes and the whole stuff because they have nothing to wear, no matter the fact that there are millions of dresses in their wardrobes. But, sometimes shopping is about kids and this is where the real and serious problems start. It is all about pre-school shopping when the summer is over and it is a high time for kids to go back to school but at first they need to buy the whole stuff necessary for school. They need their begs and they need their new begs because the old one is already out of fashion line. And they need new clothes because somehow summer makes them grow and they really and extremely grow and those clothes they had are too small for them now. In other words, people need a lot of stuff to be bough in order to save their ears from yelling and their brains of the opportunity to be darted out. And you know, a good sum of money it takes for parents to prepare their kids for school. Though, this ritual is an obligatory ritual to undergo and, moreover it is an annual ritual.


While you are in the supermarket you usually don’t notice that device making your shopping so much easier – a usual shopping cart!
The story of its origin and developing deserves, I am sure, a chapter in a book of modern history.
The first one who understood that customers are limited to buy only that amount of things they can carry home was Walter h. Deubner who had a grocery store in St. Paul, MN. After years of trying and losing he patented his invention: a paper bag with a cord which ran through (for strength).
Another way of enlarging purchase capacity (alongside with the paper bags) was using market baskets which after were made of metal. But as far as basket became filled its weight grew. That was a trouble for the woman customers who were the majority. During the depression many supermarkets started a new style of shopping with customer picking up his own purchases – so the clerks, who previously were requested items, were fired and expenses reduced. Shopping became “walking” (through the shelves rows) instead of “talking” (with the clerk). These long walks made both paper bags and baskets too heavy and uncomfortable means of purchase caring.
Sylvan Goldman of Oklahoma city, owner of ‘Piggly-Wiggly’ grocery store chain combined a metal basket with a folding chair and four wheels. After several experiments he opened “Folding basket carrier co.” and started mass production of what is now known as shopping cart.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shops and shopping

Shops and shopping is the most popular theme of our everyday chat. We go shopping, buy different things only because they are brightly packed and offered everywhere. If a housewife goes just to buy bread, she brings home a lot of things she did not plan to buy at all. Some milk, juice, a couple of bananas, sweets and cakes……..
I am sure; you do the same almost every day.
I know a good remedy. Before buying ask yourself what you are going to do with it. If you want to buy food for a week, write down all the dishes you want to have the following week and then write down a list of all you need to prepare these delicious things. It helps a lot.
Clothes are to be changed from time to time. Fashionable, nice, fitting you……..
Your favourite colour is red, so… you have already got a red dress, a dark-red blouse, a bright-red scarf…..
You have seen a similar dress on TV… Your friend wears such a skirt and is a real success…….
You are not your friend. Try to understand who you are and what you really need. If you have understood it, let's go shopping!

Why do we men hate shopping?

I think that girls always complaining about us when they take us shopping with them. They don’t like as moaning about them looking at one pair of shoes for twenty minutes. But try to look at this with our eyes! Yeah, for me spending one day in the mart or calling shopping your hobby is also a really crazy thing. We men usually need from the clothes only the simplest things: It must be functional (i.e. keeping me warm or covered), fit, priced reasonably and look descent (if it is not ragged and has no strange colors – that’s enough). Usually I can spend 3 minutes and take it to the cashier while it takes 30 minutes from all the females I know to do the same.

But we guys also have something like this. If we go to the computer shop for example we can walk there for several hours and finally buy nothing. Women finally buy something at least!

Maybe girls like shopping more because they want to be attractive and the men don’t because they usually not putting so much attention to their own appearance? Ok, girls, you must understand that when a man sees a woman he never looks at those shoes it took her so much time to choose! If women think that the most important think is to look great, maybe we guys must use that knowledge about them and be the best shoppers?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Aggravating Experience

Shopping for an impossible to buy for loved one can be an aggravating experience at best. When you start your shopping process, you are already aware that they haven’t asked for anything, haven’t really given you a firm grasp of what would light up their face, and haven’t even shown an interest in anything they don’t already have. There are two types of people that create impossible shopping missions. The first group consists of the people who already have everything. They usually have a good amount of money and thus whatever they might want or need becomes second nature for them to just pick up on their own. The second group that creates impossible shopping standards are those who claim they want and need nothing and have no overt interest in anything.

Shopping for impossible people doesn’t have to become a terribly stressful ordeal, even during the Holidays or birthday season. Rather, start with some basics that everyone loves. Go shopping for a myriad of restaurant gift certificates or go shopping for something unique and useful. People who have everything already do not need another nick-nack hanging around their house. They are more appreciative of time spent with those they love than an expensive shopping trip dedicated to find one more thing to put on their mantle and dust from time to time. Shopping for someone who has asked for nothing requires attention to detail, and an impulsive and visceral need to stay away from anything that may just clutter their life.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Seller’s actions

Consider, as most customers perceive shopping as well as possible action by the seller that he can take in order to increase the amount of purchase.
Shopping as an opportunity to walk to shops and discuss the latest news from a friend or friends. This motive is not directly linked to the purpose of purchasing goods. It's in the form of a shopping trip when they are not thinking about or are not relevant to the shopping seriously.
Shopping, which is still carried out during a walk, tend to be impulsive in nature and depend on calculations of production and the ability of sellers to engage the customer and provide emotional support to take responsibility for the choice when there is no close friends that would like to endorse thing.
Perform an assessment of who has the most money at the cash trading institutions. A woman with a child, a woman alone, a woman with a girlfriend or a woman with a man? Develop activities to attract exactly the desired target group in your store. For example, according to research in the boutique, where the emotional group of products for ladies (underwear, clothes, shoes, jewelry, perfumes), a woman with a man here spend more money than a woman with a girlfriend. How do you engage the man in the process of selling or deflect it?
SHOPING as a means of expression or a way to express his «I». People express themselves through purchases. By the way, where that person gets around can judge his desires, needs and personal qualities. Cars are bought at a higher level than before. The fact that the machine can still go, the buyer is often remembered as a last resort.